Travelling Green: Sustainable Adventures

Travelling Green: Sustainable Adventures

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As the weather gets warmer our thoughts naturally turn to travel – whether it's exploring vibrant city streets, lounging by ocean shores, or slowing down in the tranquil countryside. Travel makes our heart sing, relieves stress and by god we’ve earned it.

 Amidst the excitement of new destinations, it's easy for the eco-friendly habits we've kept up at home, let slip away. In the spirit of keeping our green lifestyle wherever we go, here are some practical tips, whether it's a weekend getaway or a two-week adventure.


  1. Take Your Time.

Last minute decisions are rarely planet friendly. Give yourself time to review accommodation & transport options, eating out choices. Utilise green tech tools like Ecosia for eco-friendly searches and platforms like for sustainably certified accommodations.

  1. Pack Light, Pack Right.

We tend to take everything we might need to avoid buying more, buying single use. Instead, identify your essentials (check list to help below) and opt for multi-use items and outfits. Packing light is easier on your muscles and your carbon footprint. I was shown to roll my clothes rather than fold – changed my life!

  1. Shop Local Eat Local.

The best bit! The most sustainable thing you can do on trips is to buy local, farmers markets or local businesses. The guilt free joy of a local restaurant that sources their produce from their region – not a plastic carton in sight. If souvenirs are necessary – look for local crafts, and items your friends and family need and will use.

  1. Offsetting but little and local.

Large scale offsetting feels, well off, BUT keeping track of your carbon footprint is useful (cant manage what you don’t measure). If you calculate a bigger footprint than you’d like through whichever site you use (google calculate carbon footprint) – invest locally. Donate to a project managed in the places you’ve travelled.

  1. Don’t skip the tours

You know what responsible tourism is, we don’t need to over-explain. Being sustainable isn’t about sacrificing everything. It’s about balance. Explore, see, experience. See the wildlife, visit the conservation sites, dive into local culture – make some memories.

Check List:

Remember what you already have is best, and some kit you might want to take:

  • Reusable water bottle (collapsible bottle is super handy)
  • Packed lunch box – for snacks or takeaways
  • Reusable cutlery set + napkins.
  • Reusable coffee mug
  • Shopping bags (ones that shrink as small as possible)
  • Solid body wash, shampoo bars, moisturisers (obvs!)
  • Reef safe sun cream

What have I missed - drop your travel tip in the comments!

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