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All about a little luxury and simplicity, sustainably

good for you, good for the planet

We started making products that we wanted to use and that we hoped others would embrace, and we did this with an uncompromising approach to ingredients and quality.

We noticed that skin care routines can be complicated and expensive, so we created products that offer nourishment for your skin, without the impractical regime, all in sustainable bar format. Once you've used it, it's gone.

Each bar is hand stamped with a smile so that it leaves us that way we want to leave you, happy.

embracing change

After way too many years sat in an office, staring at screens, and way too many ideas of escaping the grind with no action, it was time. We decided to move this hobby from a kitchen at home, pack in the corporate life and do what we love from a barn in the countryside.

It's good for your soul, we highly encourage it.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, now go buy something so we don't have to go back!